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Spotlight for THE NIGHT BELONGS TO FIREMAN (The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel #6) by Jennifer Bernard

The Night Belongs to Firemen 
The Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel # 6 
Jennifer Bernard
Releasing September 30th, 2014
Avon Romance

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Daring . . . Sexy . . . Irresistible . . . 
They're the Bachelor Firemen of San Gabriel

When fireman Fred Breen rescues a bachelorette party after a construction crane collapses onto their limo, the media labels him the "Bachelor Hero." But all Fred can think about is the petite brunette with the sexy mane of dark curls who bolted away from him faster than a wildfire after he carried her to safety. And when he discovers she's none other than Rachel Kessler, the daughter of a tech billionaire, the girl whose kidnapping riveted the nation, he intends to learn every intimate detail about this intriguing woman who sets his pulse on fire.

Rachel can't deny the lean-muscled firefighter is smokin' hot. But after having one too many drinks at the bar where she first meets him, Rachel knows she's made a fool of herself. Yet when he rescues her from the limo, she feels safe for the first time since she was held for ransom as a child. Then her overprotective father insists Fred be her bodyguard—and his close presence kindles a burning desire that only he can extinguish.

Jennifer Bernard is a graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to … well, any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned at family gatherings.

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Spotlight & Excerpt from HOT REBEL (A Hostile Operations Team Novel) by Lynn Raye Harris + Giveaway

Hot Rebel
A Hostile Operations Team Novel
Author: Lynn Raye Harris
Release Date: September 29, 2014
Genre: Romantic Suspense 

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A rebel on the run…

Victoria Royal is a traitor. Or so the U.S. government believes. Victoria was once a promising sniper in the Army, but now she’s gone rogue—worse, she’s just landed in the middle of a Hostile Operations Team mission in the desert and blasted it all to hell.

Nick “Brandy” Brandon doesn’t expect to run into Victoria when he’s bugging out from a mission gone wrong. It’s been more than three years since she disappeared from the sniper course they were in together, and he’s finally stopped thinking about her killer curves and smart mouth.

But now she’s back—and she’s far more dangerous than Nick ever believed possible… Is she really a traitor? Or is there something more at stake? He has to decide fast—because time’s running out and too many lives hang in the balance…

Hot Rebel
© 2014 Lynn Raye Harris

Driven by some emotion she couldn’t name, Victoria turned and walked back over to Nick. He was frowning at her when she reached up and pulled his head down. She pressed her lips to his cheek, felt the roughness of his stubble and breathed the smell of him—sand, spice, and cool water—deep into her lungs.

“Thanks for saving me,” she said, her lips close to his ear.

She started to step away, but he caught her close and turned his head, his lips meeting hers. The contact was shocking—and delicious in a way she hadn’t anticipated. She’d been kissed before, but this… this was better than any of those kisses had been.

His mouth was soft and hard against hers, his hands firm on her hips as he held her against him. The kiss was hot and tame all at once. Simultaneously the most arousing and most chaste kiss she’d ever had. He didn’t force her mouth open, didn’t thrust his tongue between her lips—he just kissed her hard and thoroughly before setting her away from him and taking a step backward.

And, God, she wanted his tongue so badly now. Wanted to feel it sliding against her own, stroking her senses higher.

But the kiss was over and he was looking at her, his jaw firm and a hard look in his eyes.

“You’re welcome,” he said, and it took her a moment to remember that she’d thanked him for saving her.

“I… I have to go.” Her cheeks flamed as she said it because he knew she had to leave as well as she did. The car was running, and she’d left the door open. She took a step backward, and then another.

Then she turned and got inside the car, determined not to look at him again. But she failed because she looked up, her gaze clashing with his right as she closed the door. And she didn’t look away as they drove off. Nick didn’t move from the spot she’d left him standing in.

It was only when the car turned and he was out of sight that she remembered how to breathe.

USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harris burst onto the scene when she won a writing contest held by Harlequin. A former finalist for the Romance Writers of America's Golden Heart Award and the National Readers Choice Award, Lynn lives in Alabama with her handsome former military husband and two crazy cats. Lynn writes about hot military heroes, sizzling international billionaires, and the women who dare to tame them. Her books have been called "exceptional and emotional," "intense," and "sizzling." To date, Lynn's books have sold over 2 million copies worldwide.

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Release Day Spotlight for HOMETOWN HEREOS, A Pets for Vets Charity Box Set + Giveaway!

Calling all lovers of box sets, hunky heroes, small towns, and adorable animals! I present to you a brand new box set featuring full length novels from 16 of the hottest writers. Not only do you get a mix of new stories and fan favorites, all proceeds from the box set go towards the charity Pets for Vets!

Hometown Heroes: Hotter Ever After
A Pets for Vets Charity Bundle
Release Date: September 30, 2014

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Presenting a contemporary romance bundle of 16 novels with happily-ever-after endings, including previously published readers' favorites and brand-new material 

They’re all hometown heroes, guys from small towns who’ve made a name for themselves, big or small, who’ve withstood the odds and risen to the challenge, who are heroes in their own right.

A LITTLE HARMLESS SEX by USA Today author Melissa Schroeder -- When Anna falls for her best friend Max, it might be true love, or the biggest mistake of her life.

CHANGE THE GAME by USA Today author Lucy Monroe -- Alex is looking for revenge. Isabel is looking for a relationship without those pesky things called emotions. Neither will get what they're looking for, but a whole lot more!

WILD RIDE (Changing Gears, Book 1) by USA Today author Nancy Warren -- Trouble is piling up in the small town of Swiftcurrent, Oregon with hints of a treasure missing since WWII, a motorcycle riding bad boy history prof, a sexy librarian and a murder. It all adds up to a very Wild Ride.

HEARTBREAK ON A STICK by USA Today and New York Times author Sabrina York -- When the man who broke her heart ten years ago suddenly returns to town—a hot shot movie star—Gina Fox is determined to avoid him. But for some reason, Jason Sherwood is pursuing her again.

MADRONA SUNSET by bestselling author Jami Davenport -- Meet a wounded warrior suffering from paralyzing guilt and woman pining for her dead husband--both damaged souls craving comfort for a moment or a lifetime.

BRACE FOR IMPACT by bestselling author Allie K. Adams -- Bush pilot Reid Cavanaugh’s life is turned upside down when he takes a fare that ends up driving his plane into the ground and him into the danger surrounding her.

HONORABLE SACRIFICE by bestselling author Destiny Blaine -- Hired to protect an affluent family with embarrassing secrets, Audra McAllister reconnects with a small-town hero willing to risk everything to win Audra’s heart.

SHE'S WORTH IT ALL by bestselling author Cathryn Cade -- Mase Barnett is a hometown hero with a secret. Natalie Cusco has a broken heart only a strong man can heal. Will this wounded hero risk everything to show her she's worth it all?

DECEIVING DANTE by award-winning author Kate Davies -- A stolen car on her front lawn. A sexy cop - looking to arrest her favorite student. A principal ready to fire her. Could Ellie's Monday get any worse?

ROCK, RATTLE AND ROLL by USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn and bestselling author Taryn Elliott -- A beachfront cottage, hours of alone time, and plenty of skin-on-skin action is just what the rock star and his new wife ordered—until the future comes much quicker than they expected.

GRAVE DANGER by Golden Heart finalist Rachel Grant -- An archaeologist digs up a murder victim in a Northwest archaeological site and must help the hunky local police chief solve the crime before she becomes the next victim.

TURNING THIRTY-TWELVE by award-winning author Sandy James -- Jackie Delgado didn't want a new man in her life until a dreaded blind date with detective Mark Brennan turns out to be more exciting than she'd ever imagined.

HIS ONLY DESIRE by Adrianne Lee -- Nick Rossetti married the wrong twin sister. Will the right one ever forgive him? Not if her stalker has his way.

EVEN HEROES CRY by Hildie McQueen -- War widow Tesha Washington slowly draws Adam Ford out of the shell that used to be a man, and learns there really is such a thing as starting over.

THE VIXEN & THE VET by bestselling author Katy Regnery -- In a Beauty & the Beast reboot, an ambitious reporter tracks down a wounded war vet for a scoop and ends up falling in love with him instead.

TROUBLE WITH A COWBOY by Sandy Sullivan -- Can some slashed tires and an ornery bull bring two hard-headed people together for some fun in the sun...and a little more?

Healing Vets and Saving Pets
At Pets for Vets, we believe our country owes military veterans a debt of gratitude. Our soldiers have been brave but many of them have returned with physical and emotional injuries that have made it difficult to transition back to civilian life. Some estimates state that as many as 20% of returning military veterans suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Pets for Vets is helping.
Our goal is to help heal the emotional wounds of military veterans by pairing them with a shelter animal that is specially selected to match his or her personality. Professional animal trainers rehabilitate the animals and teach them good manners to fit into the veteran’s lifestyle. Training can also include desensitization to wheel chairs or crutches as well as recognizing panic or anxiety disorder behaviors.

It’s win-win.
Needy shelter animals receive a second chance at life while giving our returning soldiers a second chance at health and happiness. The bonds of friendship formed between man and animal have the power to ease the suffering of our troops when they return from overseas.

Lucy Monroe

Melissa Schroeder

Nancy Warren

Sabrina York

Jami Davenport

Cari Quinn

Taryn Elliott

Cathryn Cade

Kate Davies

Rachel Grant

Hildie McQueen

Allie K. Adams

Destiny Blaine

Sandy James

Adrianne Lee

Katy Regnery

Sandy Sullivan

Sabrina York, author of Heartbreak on a Stick, is offering a fabulous giveaway! Check out the Rafflecopter widget below for more details.

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Spotlight for CONTROL (Shamed #1) by Laura Marie Altom

Shamed # 1
By: Laura Marie Altom 
Releasing September 16th, 2014

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Laura Marie Altom’s heart-stirring new romance will have you believing in the power of love—and passion—to heal even the most wounded souls.

Never again. Fleeing her hometown to escape an abusive marriage, Ella Patton swears she has surrendered to a man for the last time. But while living under a new name, she meets a kind, handsome stranger who seems different—and will be moving on soon, making Ella reckless enough to break her rules. With a kiss, the stranger opens the door to desires Ella believed she would never know. Then he makes an unexpected proposal.

A dot-com billionaire from humble beginnings, Liam Stone is a man whose past has made him compassionate yet guarded—much like the beautiful, secretive woman he stumbles upon in a remote Southern town. Though he intends only a dalliance, when the time comes to return home to San Francisco, Liam cannot bear the thought of leaving her behind. But when he tries to entice her to join him, he finds the tables turning dizzingly fast. Suddenly a little seduction becomes a huge battle for one thing: control.

Laura Marie Altom is the author of more than forty books in three different genres. Now that her kids are in college, Laura spends her days writing and chasing after a menagerie of pets: a mini long-haired dachshund named Cocoa, a Yorkie named Daisy, a mutt named Sweet Pea, and Domino—a black-and-white stealth cat she rarely sees. She’s happily married to her college sweetheart (go Hogs!), and when night falls, Laura steals a few romantic moments for herself with her own hunky cover stud.

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Review of SCRATCH by Rhonda Helms

"Why should I hold back? Life's too short to not be upfront." - Daniel

Author: Rhonda Helms
Publisher: Kensington
Release Date: September 30, 2014
Source: Netgalley

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The most painful scars are the ones you never see.

In her DJ booth at a Cleveland dance club, Casey feels a sense of connection that's the closest she ever gets to normal. On her college campus, she's reserved, practical-all too aware of the disaster that can result when you trust the wrong person. But inexplicably, Daniel refuses to pay attention to the walls she's put up. Like Casey, he's a senior. In every other way, he's her opposite.

Sexy, open, effortlessly charming, Daniel is willing to take chances and show his feelings. For some reason Casey can't fathom, he's intent on drawing her out of her bubble and back into a world that's messy and unpredictable. He doesn't know about the deep scars that pucker her stomach - or the deeper secret behind them. Since the violent night when everything changed, Casey has never let anyone get close enough to hurt her again. Now, she might be tempted to try.

As with most of New Adult books, Scratch is an emotional romance between two college-aged characters, one of which is scarred and broken. In Scratch we meet Casey and Daniel. In some ways, Casey is not your typical New Adult character. After a violent event in her childhood, Casey closed herself off from people. What I loved about Casey was the fact that she was a DJ. She can pour her heart and soul into her music. Casey is able to express herself with music in ways she can't with people. However, I would have loved to see more of Casey in her element. She loves being able to watch people move on the dance floor knowing that it is her music that sets them free. The change she goes through in the story is remarkable. With Daniel and her roommate by her side, Casey gets the courage to talk about her past and create connections with her classmates. As for Daniel, he was the perfect boyfriend. He wants Casey to be happy and he hopes that she'll find happiness with him. Although, he does go about it all wrong. He pushes her to face her past and nearly pushes too far. The majority of their relationship is focused on Daniel trying to get Casey to tell him the truth about what happened to her family. We learn a lot about Daniel through Casey's eyes, but other than the fact that he's from a loving family, we really don't get to know much more about him. This is one book where I wished we had gotten both perspectives and I think it would have given Daniel more depth. I respected how slowly Casey and Daniel's relationship progressed. They start off as simply classmates before it grew into friendship and eventually, their romance blossomed. I felt that pacing of their relationship was perfect. Never once did I wish they moved faster or wished they would slow down. Overall, I thought Scratch was an enjoyable book with two characters I could find myself rooting for. I wanted Casey to overcome her past and to have some kind of a future with Daniel. Scratch was my introduction into the author's world and I look forward to becoming more acquainted with Rhonda's work in the future.

Rhonda Helms and Kensington created the perfect playlist to go along with Scratch. If there was ever a book that would be perfect for a playlist, this was it. To find the Spotify playlist and listen to the tracks, please click on the link below.

My favorite song on the playlist is Say Something by A Great Big World.

Rhonda Helms started writing several years ago when she realized she was having far too many conversations with people in her head that hadn't actually happened. She has a Master's degree in English and a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing. She also edits for Carina Press (an imprint of Harlequin Publishing) as a freelance acquisitions/developmental editor, plus offers freelance editing.

When she isn't writing, she likes amateur photography, digging her toes into the sand, reading for hours at a time, and eating scads of cheese. WAY too much cheese.

Rhonda lives in Northeast Ohio with her family, dog, and a very loud cat.

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Review of ROMANCING MY LOVE (The Bradens #9) by Melissa Foster

"I like you, Rebecca. You're a no-bullshit woman." - Pierce Braden

Romancing My Love
Series: The Bradens # 9
Author: Melissa Foster
Publisher: World Literary Press
Release Date: September 15th, 2014
Source: author for review

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After months of caring for her terminally ill mother, Rebecca Rivera is left all alone in a world she doesn’t trust—but she’s determined not to let her mother’s death define her. Losing her job, having to pummel some jerk for being too handsy, and living in her car are just temporary setbacks to an otherwise solid plan in finding her footing. Full of pride and used to being in control of her life, she’s certain she can make it on her own. The last thing Rebecca needs is a man to fix her troubles—even if that man is strikingly handsome, wealthy, and charismatic Pierce Braden.

Pierce is a powerful real estate investor on the verge of a major acquisition. As the eldest of six siblings raised by a single mother, he’s spent his life protecting those he loves. He’s used to being in charge and making things right, and although he’d give his life for his family, he treats the women he dates as expendable—until he meets sexy and stubborn Rebecca Rivera, a woman who is as strong as she is vulnerable.

Passion ignites between them, and the two share their most intimate thoughts and desires. It doesn’t take long for Pierce to realize that Rebecca is as determined not to be saved as he is to find a way into her heart. As their love grows, Rebecca must face fears she didn’t even realize she had—and Pierce must learn the hard truth that sometimes less really is more. Is the power of true love enough for Rebecca and Pierce to learn to give up control and allow their hearts to take over?

For me, starting a new Melissa Foster book is like going home for a family visit and meeting new friends. Not only do we get to catch up with previous characters, we also get to meet new ones. In Romancing My Love, readers meet Rebecca Rivera for the first time. Rebecca is one of the strongest heroines that Melissa has given us, both emotionally and psychically. Rebecca has had to put her life on hold to be her mother's caretaker and now that she has passed away, Rebecca is sort of lost. She just quit her lousy job and has to live in her car. Things begin to look up for her, though. She lands a job she's good at with people she likes and just happens to meet Pierce Braden. Pierce is such a sweetheart. He's a Braden male through and through. He immediately wants to take care of Rebecca as they both start to fall in love. I loved this book. As always, we get an adorably cute (and sometimes sexy) romance between two lovable characters. What I loved the most about Romancing My Love was how broken Rebecca was and the emotional change she had to endure during the book. She's had to open herself up to the possibility of love and to allow herself to be taken care of for the first time in many years. She's so used to taking care of others that she puts a wall around her heart the moment she thought Pierce pitied her, when in reality, he thought she was incredibly strong. I truly loved that about both Pierce and Rebecca. They awoken love and happiness within each other. I loved every moment of this book and for Emily's sake, I hope her book is coming up soon.

"Melissa Foster is a wonderful connector of readers and books, a friend of authors, and a tireless advocate for women. She is the real deal"-- Bestselling Author Jennie Shortridge

"What sets Melissa Foster apart are her compelling characters who you care about... desperately. This  is psychological suspense at its most chilling. I dare you to read the first chapter and not be hooked."  International bestseller, M.J. Rose

Melissa Foster is an award-winning, International bestselling author. Her books have been recommended by USA Today's book blog, Hagerstown Magazine, The Patriot, and several other print venues. She is the founder of the Women’s Nest, a social and support community for women, the World Literary Café. When she's not writing, Melissa helps authors navigate the publishing industry through her author training programs on  Fostering Success. Melissa is also a community builder for the Alliance for Independent Authors. She has been published in Calgary’s Child Magazine, the Huffington Post, and Women Business Owners magazine.

Twitter: @Melissa_Foster 
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World Literary Café: 
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Facebook Melissa Foster:  (Fanpage)  

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A visit with Cara Connelly, author of The Wedding Vow

Hello! Today, I welcome the fabulous Cara Connelly. Her new book, The Wedding Vow, will be out next Tuesday, September 30th. To celebrate, she is visiting today to talk about the top five billionaire wedding gifts. We all love billionaires, don't we? Yum!

Take it away, Cara!!

Who Wants to Marry a Billionaire?

You're getting married! So what's your lovin' fiancé--yes, the billionaire fiancé with the six-pack abs--gonna get you for a wedding gift? A lacy little thing from Victoria's Secret, or perhaps a controlling interest in the lingerie retailer's parent corporation? Nope--the fact is, soon-to-be-married billionaires everywhere give their cute brides-to-be a brand-new car!

And not just any car: the only one good enough for precious 'lil you is an Italian-built, carbon-fiber beauty that sports a targa top and goes from zero to sixty miles per hour in 2.6 seconds (exactly like the Bugatti Veyron that Adam LeCroix drives in The Wedding Vow)! And unless your new hubby is a cheapskate, he'll be giving you every item on this top 5 list of billionaire wedding gifts.

1. A Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse. Price tag: $2.35 million.  

2. $21,000 to pay for your Veyron's first year of routine maintenance.

3. $33,000 for the set of tires the Veyron will need after you've driven it 2,500 miles (a car that goes 250 miles per hour tends to use up tires faster than your average Camry does)

4. $50,000 for the new wheels your Veyron will need after you've driven it 10,000 miles

5. $45,000 to insure your Veyron for one year.

So let’s hear it – who wants to marry a billionaire?

The Wedding Vow 
Save the Date # 2: A Billionaire’s Demand 
By: Cara Connelly
Releasing September 30th, 2014

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Cara Connelly's second Save the Date novel proves that opposites do attract...

The Playboy

Sexy billionaire Adam LeCroix has a mission: hunt down the sultry spitfire he blames for his troubles, demand her help, and exact revenge while he's at it. Maddie St. Clair will help him . . . or else.

The Prosecutor

Former prosecutor Maddie damn near nailed Adam for stealing, but the lucky bastard walked. Now, five years later, he's back, arrogant as ever, giving her an ultimatum—work for him to collect the insurance money, or she'll never work again.

The Problem

Maddie's all about right and wrong. Adam's shades of gray. So when he uncovers the hot body under her hard-ass veneer and she finds he's a thief with a heart, can the law-and-order lawyer and the fast-and-loose felon put their prickly past behind them?

Cara Connelly is an award-winning author of contemporary romances. Her smart and sexy stories have won high praise, earning Cara several awards including the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart, the Valley Forge Romance Writers’ Sheila, and the Music City Romance Writers’ Melody of Love. Cara, who lives in rural upstate New York, works as appellate court attorney when she’s not crafting steamy novels of love and romance.

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